Brownies Who are we?

Brownies is our section for girls aged seven to ten.

They follow a programme called Brownie Adventure which is full of exciting challenges, games and activities, which the girls themselves have often suggested and are designed to encourage them to do their best.

Starting Brownies

When a girl starts Brownies, she joins a group called a Six. This gives her a ready-made circle of friends. She can also get Becoming a Brownie, an activity book that contains the Brownie story and helps her understand what Brownies is all about.

The Brownie Programme

The Brownie Adventure is divided into three areas.

Brownies You: Girls develop confidence and self esteem through sharing new experiences and developing new skills. This might be on their own or as part of a smaller Brownie group called a ‘six’. They get a say in what happens at Brownies through discussions or 'Pow-wows', which help them develop decision-making skills and the ability to put their views across.

Community: Brownies are encouraged to understand and become active in their community, by help raising money for charity or visiting places of interest around the area such as the Lifeboat station or the Air Ambulance.

World: The programme encourages girls to learn about the wider world. This can include activities which celebrate different cultural events, cooking or trying foods from different countries, finding out about endangered animals or thinking about world issues such as climate change.

As well as all of the fun things in the weekly meetings Brownies often take part in fun days, trips, sleepovers and holidays. There are lots of Brownie interest badges too which girls can work towards which cover many different hobbies and activities from Artist to Circus Skills to World Cultures.

Leaving Brownies

Brownies Towards the end of her Brownie days, a Brownie may be introduced to the Brownies Go For It! resource. It is similar to Guide Go For It! resources, which give groups of girls more freedom to choose their own activities. The activities will encourage her to find out about Guides as well as develop skills such as team work and decision-making.

Before leaving Brownies, a Brownie may have a party or celebration to mark her time in the section.

To find out more about Brownies click here.

If you are a Brownie click here to visit the exciting youth website.


Brownies Brownies Brownies

Brownies Brownies Brownies