Senior Section

Who are we?

Senior Section is for young women aged 14 to 25.

It offers an exciting and flexible programme with a huge variety of challenges and opportunities for personal development – sure to impress universities and potential employers!

They can also make their voices heard by joining the County Junior Council or by representing their County at Llais y Draig (Welsh Junior Youth Council) held at Broneirion. There are also opportunities to join the guiding delegation at the British Youth Council, or having a say in the future of guiding by attending one of the Innovate meetings.

Below is a brief guide to the different aspects of the Senior Section Programme. For more information see the Senior Section website or the Girlguiding UK site or contact the senior section advisor by email at

Look Wider For all Senior Section, Look Wider offers a range of activities and challenges and motivates members to try out new things. It is flexible and participants can take their chosen activities as far as they wish, from taster level all the way to gaining a qualification that is recognised outside guiding. Look Wider is made up of eight different octants, each with three phases, which can be completed in any order and done as an individual or part of a group.

Phase 1 : Gives you an opportunity to try three new activities. These can be completely new things or new elements of an existing skill or hobby.

Phase 2 : Allows you to take things further by doing an activity for a minimum of 12 hours. It can be something you got a taste of in Phase 1 or something entirely different.

Phase 3 : Is a long-term challenge that involves either doing a new or familiar activity for a minimum of 30 hours, gaining a qualification in the activity, or teaching it to other people.

Chief Guides Challenge Chief Guides Challenge

The Chief Guide's Challenge is the second highest award that members can work towards in guiding. It's open to all Senior Section members and they have until their 26th birthday to complete the award. The Chief Guide's Challenge is awarded when you've completed Phases 1 and 2 of all eight Look Wider octants. You then get a certificate and metal badge that can be worn on your badge tab.

Young Leadership Qualification Young Leadership Qualification

For members aged 14-16, the Young Leader Qualification is designed to help a Young Leader take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit.

Adult Leadership Qualification Adult Leadership Qualification

For members aged 16+, this qualification supports you to lead Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or Senior Section units. As a Unit Leader you learn and develop skills while working in the unit, and through formal and informal training sessions.

Commonwealth Award Commonwealth Award

This award is open to Guides 13yrs+ and Senior Section members in all Commonwealth countries. It gives the opportunity to find out more about the history of guiding and the Commonwealth.

There are three compulsory challenges and two further challenges from a choice of categories.

Queen's Guide Award Queens Guide Award

For Senior Section aged 16 to 26, the Queen’s Guide Award is the highest Award you can achieve in Guiding. To find out more about the award contact the Queen’s Guide Advisor by email on

Duke of Edinburgh's Award The Duke of Edinurgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities for anyone aged 14 to 24. This internationally recognised award comes in three stages: Bronze (for those aged 14 and over), Silver (15 and over) and Gold (16 and over). For more information on the award see, and for more information on completing this award through Guiding contact the D of E Advisor by email on

Senior Section Permits Senior Section Permits

This enables Senior Section members to take Guides or Senior Section girls (maximum of eight) away for a sleepover.

In4mers In4mers

In4mers are trained peer educators from the Senior Section who run sessions for other Brownies, Guides, other Senior Section members and Leaders. You can also work with schools or youth groups.

As well as all of this there are international opportunities open to Senior Section members including INTernational OPportunitieS (INTOPS) weekends (for Senior Section members aged over 17). See the Senior Section website for more information.

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